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ON 24th OF JUNE 2017


The program of the event Historial Škofja Loka 2017 will be held in any weather.   


To "Loka’s Historial" on its Way!

Dear citizens, dear visitors!

The Path of Venus was one of the first medieval events, which tried in a special way to call back and awaken the ancient medieval spirit of the old town centre. However, it was not just that, the Path of Venus was the beginning on the way of an in-depth research and discovering of our historical and cultural identity.

However, a new step had to be made, a new path had to be threaded. ‘’Historial Škofja Loka 2011’’ was thus made, which is a new uniform name for a series of historical and ethnological events, and each one of them will preserve for themselves a part of the Škofja Loka history. The hundred-year-old local cultural and historical heritage of the Škofja Loka region will thus be presented originally, but still authentically.

In truth, the real wealth of material and spiritual culture will be revealed again: the traditional arts and crafts, which are based on a long guild tradition of ancient handicraft masters; rich recipes of the castle and traditional folk culinary arts, as they had been tasted in ancient times by chancellor Santonini from Aquileia; we will get to know the medieval and renaissance music legacy, we will enter the world of dramatic medieval songs and ballads, and the town pavement will be threaded again by renaissance dance steps… And the fair will become livelier and livelier and more and more ours, an authentic Loka’s fair.

With the Historial thus we do not (gain) get only extremely interesting and authentic historic and ethnological events, but with them Škofja Loka is also becoming a town where very interesting and attractive tourism stories can be created from the riches of our own cultural heritage. And Škofja Loka has stories that present timelessness and the ability to connect different time periods.

Even when silent, Škofja Loka is full of stories. However, it does not mean that old stories need not to be told anymore, nor that we cannot create new ones. Therefore, you are kindly invited to the events of Historial Škofja Loka 2017, where we will again get to know together the Loka’s »stories« and listen most attentively to our Historia.

Miha Ješe, Mayor of the Municipality of Škofja


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